Hikari Tropical First Bites Fish Food 10G

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Product Description

Specifically formulated to provide any new-born fish the exacting nutritional balance they require during the earliest developmental stages of their lives.

High in superior protein sources, including premium-select fish meal, First Bites will help your new-borns develop excellent body form, superior disease resistance and proper organ development. Give your fry the best chance at a long and healthy life, feed them First Bites!

Product Features:

  • Rich in highly nutritious, freshly harvested ingredients including premium-selected fish meal which provides a superior protein source rich in amino acids.
  • Offers a uniquely balanced nutrient profile for the, all important, developmental stage of your fry's life and promotes proper feeding habits.
  • This semi-floating food allows fry at all levels of the aquarium ready access to its exacting nutrition while reducing water quality issues common with other fry foods.

Technical details:

Size: 10g

Pet life stage: New born fish

Breed recommendation: All types of newborn fish in both fresh and saltwater environments.

Food type: Dry Food, Pellet

Nutritional Info

Ingredients - Fish meal, wheat flour, krill meal, soybean meal, brewers dried yeast, spirulina, dried seaweed meal, rice bran


Analytical Constituents:


  • Crude Protein: 48% (min)
  • Crude Fat: 3% (min)
  • Ash: 18% (max)
  • Crude Fiber: 2% (max)
  • Moisture: 10% (max)


Feeding Instructions

For optimum results feed daily as often as possible the amount your fish will consume within 2 to 3 minutes. Care should be taken to avoid feeding larger quantities of food less often as it can cause a lack of nutrition. For best results feed up to four times daily an amount of food which can be consumed within a minute.

For mid-water and bottom feeders:
Soak in a cup of aquarium water before feeding. This will cause the food to sink more rapidly providing these fry ready access to the nutrition.

For Live-Bearers (ovoviviparous):
They can consume Hikari First Bites right after birth.

For Egg-Layers (oviparous):
They utilize their yolk sack for nutrition right after birth. Start feeding Hikari First Bites right before their yolk sack is fully consumed.

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