Trixie Denta Fun Dentros Poultry Dog Treats 180G

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Product Description

Trixie Denta Fun Dentros Poultry Dog Treats are specially formulated dental treats designed to support your dog's oral health while providing a delicious poultry-flavored snack. These treats are designed to help clean teeth, reduce plaque and tartar buildup, and promote fresh breath.

Product Features:

  • Dental Benefits: Designed to support dental health by helping to clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar buildup
  • Flavor: Poultry flavor that is highly appealing to dogs, ensuring they enjoy the treat while benefiting from its dental properties.
  • Texture: Chewy texture that encourages chewing, which is essential for the mechanical cleaning action on teeth.
  • Shape and Design: Often designed with ridges or nubs to enhance the cleaning effect and reach different areas of the teeth and gums.
  • Size Options: Available in various sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and sizes, ensuring that all dogs can enjoy the dental benefits.
Nutritional Info

Ingredients - Vegetable by-products, cereals, meat and animal by-products(6%poultry), vegetable protein extracts, minerals.

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